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Video Audio Motherboards Processors Memory Cooling Lighting My Cases th1 This is the Original Thermolith. Though this computer is well-aged, it does nicely for its intended purpose. With a 1 GHz AMD processor and 500MB of Ram, it is far from fast, but the case was a labor of love! The X-pattern on the case's left side was hand-cut from 1.3mm aluminum, except for the blow hole, which was cut with a 7.8cm power hole-saw. The edges were sanded by hand to a smooth finish after being touched up with a Dremel tool.
th1 The inside of this machine is a bit lackluster. There is nothing special about the cooling system, except that the stock HSF from the processor has been replaced with a home-made Heat-sink/convection tube assembly of my own design. Though this is not a very hot processor, the new arrangement keeps it about 4 (celsius) cooler than stock, at ~43C.
th1 The top/handle is molded from fiberglas over an aluminum base and handle. The front edge is inset to accomodate a couple of LEDs that show the processor temperature, the system temperature, and the processor fan speed, which can be adjusted by a switch the sits beside the LEDs. There is a plastic, oval-shaped vent in the center of the top beneath the handle that covers the mounting hole for another 80mm fan. This hole was cut by the same method as the side panel fan. All fans are lit with blue LEDs, including a front-mounted fan, which is hidden by the harddrive cage, and a rear fan mounted beside the I/O panel.
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th2 This is the Thermolith II. Based on a Raid-Max case, this one has less hand-made attributes, but has still seen some serious modding. Oddly, this is one of very few cases I have ever worked with that did not support typical 80mm exhaust fans, instead substituting mounting locations for two 60mm fans. This means that heat can be a real issue when overclocking, and has limited my abilities to increase the benchmarks on this machine without some cutting. That said, the addition of two 80mm side intake fans and a 120mm front fan move quite a bit of air. Hand-lapping and polishing the heat spreader on the CPU heatsink also proved very beneficial to cooling the CPU.
th2 This box handles a LOT of hardware, including a Lite-On dual-layer DVD-RW, a Sony 52X CD-RW, two 80GB Western Digital PATA hardrives and one 250GB Seagate SATA II harddrive for a total of 410GB for Windows use and an 80GB Maxtor SATA hardrive for Ubuntu Linux. There is a 3.0c-GHz Pentium 4 on Intel's 865PERL motherboard. Video is handled by an ATI All-IN-Wonder 9800 PRO, which also provides TV and PVR capabilities. Sound is directed through a Creative Audigy SE 7.1 sound card, which connects to both a Logitech 5.1 speaker system and a Creative 2.1 system for television sound. A Nillson crossover system prevents the two speaker systems from interfering with each other and minimizes feed-back. The whole thing is fed by an Ultra X-Connect II power supply which is rated at 600 watts.
th2 The front bezel is lighted on either side by a plastic rod injection-molded with air bubbles and illuminated by blue LEDs at each end. My only two gripes with the front of this case are the hard-to-access front I/O panel, inconveniently located at the bottom of the front bezel, and the lack of a black bezel for the face of the Sony CD-RW drive. Just below the CD-RW is a Thermal Take Fan control and LCD temperature read-out, which also doubles as a harddrive cooler for the 250GB Seagate. I'm in search of a way to make a floppy drive face from one of the original drive-mount covers that came with the case. If you have to have a floppy drive, it shouldn't be ugly!
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